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What we're all about

We want more butts on bikes.

The Spoke Folks is a non‑profit co‑op organization based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Our mission is to increase and sustain bicycle ridership in the West Michigan area and beyond.

Our goal is to make sure that people who are interested in cycling have access to safe and reliable bikes. We want to empower people to ride with pride and confidence.

Our hope is to break down the obstacles that prevent people from cycling. We wish to make the bicycle a viable mode of transportation in our community.

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Our Staff Members

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    Martel Posey

    Executive Director

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    Nelly Jones

    Shop Mechanic

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    Liz Rennie

    Shop Mechanic

Our Board of Directors

Our board meets at 6pm on the second Wednesday of every month.

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    Brandy Arnold


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    Chris Jensen


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    Anel Guel

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    Julio Cano

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    Scott Kraemer

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    Craig Emenaker

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    Ken Miguel-Cipriano